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Embryonic Stem Cells

Graduate Student Resources

Congrats on starting your graduate career! Resources listed below provide information for you to help successfully navigate your graduate career. The Graduate Student Handbook is a primary source of information for PhD and Masters students enrolled in the UTSA - UT Health San Antonio Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering. Links to course registration, forms and fellowship opportunities are also listed here.   

For additional questions, please feel free to reach out to the Joint Program staff on both campuses (Marcus Webster and Leslie Sanchez), faculty, and the graduate student association BMEG-SA.   

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PhD & Masters

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Association

Contact Our Program Coordinators


UTSA - UT Health BME Graduate Student Handbook

Includes Information Regarding:

Graduate Student Handbook

Graduate School Curriculum Information

Information regarding Graduate School Curriculum can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook or at the links below:

Female Scientist Using Microscope

Fellowships & Other Resources

Additional Student Resources can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook or at the links below:

Master's Forms, Policies, & Procedures

Includes Information Regarding:

  • Application for Candidacy (UTSA & UT Health)

  • Thesis v.s. Non-Thesis Programs of Study

  • Appointment to Masters Thesis Committee

  • Template Thesis Proposal Form & Thesis Approval Form

  • Template Request for Final Defense & Defense Assessment Form

  • Library Access Exception Form (UTSA & UT Health)

  • and more...

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Forms - Masters
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